• Jeanette Knapp Taylor

New Year... New Organization!

Organization can actually be inexpensive. Closets, pantry, drawers and more! Just a few organization tips to help ring in the new year.

1. Utilize the dead space in the upper shelf areas. Purchasing inexpensive cube organizers, corner units and shoe cubbies from Loew's or Walmart can almost double your closet storage. You might be surprised at how much space you can gain in a big or small closet by using this simple strategy.

2. Large jewelry/accessory organizers are a must. Especially when the usual jewelry boxes never seem to work. Check out this accessory organizer made from peg board, wood trim and some glitter spray paint.

3. Label things! This will help save money. What do we normally do when we can't find something...we buy another. This is where money is wasted. Labeling and organizing can keep us on track. Remembering where everything can be challenging, so label away and help yourself to clarity.

4. Add some color! Paint the cube organizers, walls, shelves, corner units and shoe cubbies. Color affects our mood and perception. Use color to your benefit.

5. Keep it fun and cute! Making your closet a place you want to be is a great way to start your day out on a positive note. So, add some color, make it fun, don't worry about it being perfect, add a small rug or a cute light fixture. You will thank yourself later.

And last but not least contact me via email or phone for a free closet makeover consult.

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